View Requests

Dydra extends the W3C SPARQL HTTP Protocol to permit a request to include a reference to a SPARQL query rather than including it as the request content. The facility permits a GET request to refer to any query defined in a repository’s web interface under<account-name>/<repository-name>/@query

An immediate request is a GET request with the view as the location


A GET request to the view endpoint executes the view query against the repository and returns the results as the response. This request form specifies the view name instead of sparql as the path end:<account-name>/<repository-name>/<view-name>.<type>

If a revision is specified, the response contains those present as of that revision. A request without a revision operates on the latest revision.


Accept: specifies the RDF response document media type.
Revision: specifies the target revision

Query Arguments

$<parameter-name>: <argument-value>

(See “HTTP Request Parameters” for the complete list)