MQTT Streaming

Dydra implements an MQTT interface to permit a request to produce streamed results based on a revision window specification. When given a window and a destination to which to publish the responses, the processor iterates over the designated revisions, reiterates the request query and publishes each result, in turn, as an independent message with content equivalent to an individual HTTP response. SPARQL query rather than including it as the request content.

The request is handled as the equivalent of a POST request.


The request executes the provided query against the repository and returns the results as the response.


Accept: specifies the RDF response document media type.
Content-Type: specifies the request query language. eq application/sparql-query
Revision-Windows: specifies the target revision windows_.
Asynchronous-Location: specifies the topic to which response messages are to be streamed

Query Arguments

Not currently supported.