Error Conditions

This section describes the various error conditions that may be returned when performing Dydra API operations using the RPC interface.


The example requests and responses in this section are shown using the JSON-RPC protocol. The RPC endpoint supports both the JSON-RPC and XML-RPC protocols, with the former being strongly preferred due to its relative efficiency, simplicity, and brevity.

There are two distinct kinds of error conditions that can be raised by RPC operations: client errors and server errors.

Client Errors

Client errors indicate that the server found a problem with the request issued by the client, and therefore declined to process the request. You should not retry the request until the problem has been corrected in your application.

When using HTTP as the transport, client errors are indicated by a 4xx HTTP response code.

Server Errors

Server errors indicate a transient problem of some kind on the server end. The request should be retried at a later time.

When using HTTP as the transport, server errors are indicated by a 5xx HTTP response code.

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